English Club for Bintan Villagers

English Club for Bintan villagers is one of Community Development programs education in PT BRC. It conduct English to the students start from elementary school until the senior high school around Bintan Island. The grade divided into 3 levels, which are :

  1. 1st – 3rd grade elementary school
  2. 4th – 6th grade elementary school
  3. Junior high school – Senior high school

Our purpose is to familiarize them in speaking and listening English. We use our own syllabus and paper sheet during the class and combining with English games. We also invite some local and foreign volunteers to take part in this program.

English Club Activities

Sebong Pereh Village

We ask students (higher level) to teach their juniors. Do they have a confidence to teach ? Yes ! At first they don’t know how to teach English, but suddenly they are excited to tell the lesson.

In this picture, the students who stand up are giving the instruction to their juniors. They try to give some vocabularies which will be memorized


Kota Baru

Kota Baru have enthusiastic and exciting students. They can do conversation well and their younger students love to play games in English.

With their capabilities, we often invite foreign people to there and they are doing well. So, Are you interest to meet and challenge them ?

Pengudang Village

This village is the farthest village in Our English program. It is the fisherman village located nearby coastal community, so the livelihood in there mostly fisherman.

But it was exciting moment when we come there and teaching English. They always smile when we come even we late. In this picture, we already done an English story telling about fairy tales.

Ekang Anculai Villages

Ekang Anculai have a lot of students. The total students in here approximately 60 students. We need more energy to teach English here. For one class, somewhile in one class there are more than 20 students. That is why we need more volunteers in here,

But relax! Our energy will be replaced by their spirit in learning English. They are love to play games and the teacher certainly.

Volunteers in English Club

We have some volunteers from local and foreign people. Absolutely, it is very help us to enchance the students capabilities in English.

Most question that asked to me is, “Can I teach the students? Because I am not good and confidence enough to teach English..”

“Yes you can! By learning to teach, then you will indirectly learn English…”, I said.


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