Rich : Fasten your belt !


Yesterday I met with a woman which own rented house (Ibu kost). She is not young anymore, maybe she was about the 60 years old now, but her spirit was incridible. Even before I met with her, she runs out to visit his farm.

What’s so special about her? Based on my experience before, when I was in college, she always supported us (me and my housemate) to finish college on time. Sometimes we were also given food either fruit or cake which those fruits costly for us, cool right? 😉 Then finally after we graduated, she prayed for us to immediately get a job. Alhamdulillah, after graduated from college I accepted to work in Bintan, that my wish to work outside the Jakarta.

After 2 years gone, yesterday finally I had the opportunity to visit her. She still tawadhu and remember me :). Even her body was a little thin but her voice still srong just like before. Subhanallah.

I talked with her and sharing many things. Especially about my restaurant business “Rumah Bakar”. Then I asked about her business experience in building the rented house, and she said, “it turns out the process is not as easy as imagined”

These words that I remember from her :
“We have siblings, even though we try not to beg them. My husband often work outside the city, sometimes it could be 6 months 1 year. Well, then I asked permit to my husband’s permission to open a business, Alhamdulillah he allowed me..”

The process is not easy, she says if you want to attempt the business you should be ready fasten your belt and hard working. She does not have a lot of capital, and just graduated from elementary school, but she was trying to learn how to business. In one time, she met with chinese people who live not far from her home. From these chinese, she taught for resilient and strive not disappointed customers. Enterprises groceries slowly blazed so finally had some time in a month, the profits can be bought for a land of 300m2.

“Say Bismillah before business …”, its another advice. Giving Feed 3 children at once is not easy, plus the husband who rarely came home. But she believes that Allah Al Ghaniy (The richest), every day she wakes up at 2:30 pm, tahajud, clean-up to prepare food for the children, then at 6 am gone shopping.
Now, she could bought her a house for their children and make another rented house which will be own by her son and daughter. She also bought land as well as the gardens planted with a variety of fruit.

“Yes, if already present, loose your belt…”.

After passing through various struggles, she now lives reap the results. Alhamdulillah I can learn a lot from her experience. Beyond her background from elementry school, I think her mindset was real entrepreneur. Are you agree? 🙂

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